How do Golf Steads help you improve your swing?

Let's break down how Golf Steads help you control your head movement

A golf stead, or Steadhead, is a training aid that clips onto a hat or visor to help golfers monitor their head movement during their swing. It allows golfers to see if their head is turning or swaying, and helps them practice swings while keeping their head still. The Steadhead can be especially useful for putting and for golfers who tend to sway off the ball. 

What is the Steadhead?

Simple training aid: It's a small device designed to help golfers improve their head position and stability during their swing. Focus on head movement: The primary goal of the Steadhead is to minimize excess head movement, promoting a more consistent and centered swing.

How does it work?

Placement: The Steadhead is attached to the back of a golfer's hat or cap.Feedback: A small rod extends from the device. If the golfer's head moves too much during the swing, the rod will touch its back, providing immediate feedback. Awareness: This feedback helps the golfer become more aware of their head movement and make adjustments to keep their head steadier.

Benefits of using a Steadhead:

Improved consistency: A steady head can lead to more consistent ball striking.Better contact: Less head movement promotes better contact with the ball.Increased power: A stable base can help generate more power in your swing.

Where to find it:

You can find the Steadhead training aid on websites like:

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